Information policy

ABB, as a publicly traded company, is committed to communicating in a timely and consistent way to shareholders, potential investors, financial analysts, customers, suppliers, the media and other interested parties. ABB is required to disseminate material information pertaining to its businesses in a manner that complies with its obligations under the rules of the stock exchanges where its shares are listed and traded.

ABB publishes an annual report that provides audited financial statements and information about ABB including our business results, strategy, products and services, corporate governance and executive remuneration. In addition, ABB submits an annual report on Form 20-F to the SEC. ABB also publishes its results on a quarterly basis as press releases, distributed pursuant to the rules and regulations of the stock exchanges on which its shares are listed and traded. Press releases relating to financial results and material events are also filed with the SEC on Form 6-K. An archive containing Annual Reports, Form 20-F reports, quarterly results releases and related presentations can be found in the “Financial results and presentations” section at The quarterly results press releases contain unaudited financial information prepared in accordance with, or reconciled to, U.S. GAAP. To subscribe to important press releases, please click on the “Contacts and Services” and choose “Subscribe to updates” at Ad hoc notices can also be found in the press releases section at

ABB’s official means of communication is the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce ( The invitation to the company’s Annual General Meeting is sent to registered shareholders by mail.

Inquiries may also be made to ABB Investor Relations:

Affolternstrasse 44
CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 (0)43 317 7111
Fax: +41 (0)44 311 9817
ABB’s website is: