Business-led collaboration

ABB employee at gas separation plant (photo)

As a global organization, we are continually improving the way we bring teams in ABB together to make sure that whatever we do for our customers is optimally aligned and that we deliver significantly greater value by offering a more integrated set of solutions.

Collaboration must be led by the business because it depends on an intimate understanding of the needs of our customers and then creating an ABB solution based on multiple business offerings across our portfolio. To encourage business to drive the opportunities for collaboration, specific targets will be set and incentives aligned accordingly.

On projects where we have collaborated successfully across divisions and business units (BUs), we have been able to deliver greater value, operational efficiency and productivity to our customers, for example thanks to our in-depth process knowledge in different industry segments. The result has been long-term mutually beneficial customer relationships.

One example of successful collaboration involving all five of our divisions, as well as our service business, is with an Australian gas company. Since 2011, we have been supplying equipment, solutions and now maintenance services for a project in Queensland to convert coal-seam gas into liquefied natural gas. So far, these contracts have generated revenues of over $110 million and we recently won additional service business under a framework agreement.

Another collaboration success story, involving three divisions, culminated in a new order to supply Russian icebreaker vessels with 3.5 MW Azipod units as well as main switchboards, drives, bow thrusters, and generators. Thanks to our Azipod technology and on-board power solutions, combined with our marine service teams, two out of three high ice-class vessels built today are fitted with ABB systems.