Acquisitions and investments


During 2012, 2011 and 2010, ABB invested $3,643 million, $3,805 million and $1,275 million in 9, 10 and 9 new businesses, respectively. The amounts exclude changes in cost and equity investments.

The principal acquisition in 2012 was Thomas & Betts, which was acquired in May 2012. Thomas & Betts designs, manufactures and markets components used to manage the connection, distribution, transmission and reliability of electrical power in industrial, construction and utility applications. The complementary combination of Thomas & Betts’ electrical components and ABB’s low-voltage protection, control and measurement products creates a broader low-voltage portfolio (in our Low Voltage Products division) that can be distributed through Thomas & Betts’ network of more than 6,000 distributor locations and wholesalers in North America, and through ABB’s well-established distribution channels in Europe and Asia.

The principal acquisition in 2011 was Baldor Electric Company (Baldor), acquired in January 2011. Baldor markets, designs and manufactures industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, drives and generators. The acquisition broadens the product offering of our Discrete Automation and Motion division, closing the gap in our automation portfolio in North America by adding Baldor’s NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) motors product line, as well as adding Baldor’s growing mechanical power transmission business.

The principal acquisition in 2010 was the Ventyx group (Ventyx). In June 2010, we acquired all of the shares of Ventyx Inc., Ventyx Software Inc. and Ventyx Dutch Holding B.V., representing substantially all of the revenues, assets and liabilities of Ventyx. Ventyx provides software solutions to global energy, utility, communications and other asset intensive businesses and was integrated into the network management business within the Power Systems division to form a single unit for energy management software solutions.

For more information on our acquisitions, see “Note 3 Acquisitions and increases in controlling interests” to our Consolidated Financial Statements.

Increase in controlling interests in India

In 2010, we increased our ownership interest in ABB Limited, India (our publicly-listed subsidiary in India) from approximately 52 percent to 75 percent. Cash paid in 2010, including transaction costs, amounted to $956 million. The offer of 900 rupees per share resulted in a charge to “Capital stock and additional paid-in capital” of $838 million, including expenses related to the transaction.