Corporate and Other

EBIT for Corporate and Other was as follows:

($ in millions)




Corporate headquarters and stewardship




Corporate research and development




Corporate real estate




Equity investments







Total Corporate and Other




In 2011, Corporate headquarters and stewardship costs increased driven by charges related to the deconsolidation of a Russian subsidiary and the sale of another subsidiary in Russia, certain expenses in the countries and higher spending to strengthen corporate functional areas as business volumes increased. Corporate headquarters and stewardship costs, in 2010, remained flat as a result of continued focus on cost control. Corporate costs in countries decreased and the savings generated were used to finance global corporate initiatives to support growth.

Corporate research and development costs in 2011 increased by $82 million mainly due to the establishment of a special growth fund which was set up to finance the acceleration of the research and development programs. In 2010, Corporate research and development costs increased slightly, in line with the strategy to maintain a high focus in this area.

Corporate real estate consists primarily of rental income and gain from the sale of real estate properties. In 2011, the Corporate real estate result included $37 million gains from the sale of real estate properties mainly in Venezuela, Sweden, Brazil and Switzerland. In 2010, Corporate real estate reported gains of $33 million from the sale of land and buildings, mainly in Sweden, Norway, Austria and Venezuela. In 2009, gains of $12 million from the sale of facilities mainly in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Norway were offset by a $10 million asset impairment charge in the United States.

In 2011, EBIT from Equity investments was nil. In 2010, EBIT from Equity investments resulted in a loss of $11 million, primarily due to an impairment of $23 million of two equity-accounted companies in the Ivory Coast that were subsequently sold, and a net gain of $13 million on the sale of an equity-accounted company in Colombia. In 2009, EBIT from Equity investments was an $8 million loss, primarily representing an operating loss of our equity investment in a power plant in Colombia.

In 2011, EBIT from “Other” consists mainly of $11 million operational costs of our Global Treasury Operations, $17 million losses from the non-core distributed energy business in Great Britain and $9 million impairment on the investment in the shares of a listed company. EBIT from “Other,” in 2010, included $9 million operational costs of our Global Treasury Operations and $5 million losses from our distributed energy business in Great Britain. In 2009, EBIT from “Other” of $439 million included primarily the partial release of provisions (related to the investigations into our Power Transformers business) following the European Commission’s decision to impose a fine in October 2009. It also included the costs of our Group Treasury Operations.

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