Employee participation programs

Incentive plans linked to ABB shares

In order to align its employees’ interests with the business goals and financial results of the company, ABB operates a number of incentive plans, linked to ABB’s shares, which are summarized below (for a more detailed description of each incentive plan, please refer to Note 18 to ABB’s consolidated financial statements contained in the Financial review section of this Annual Report).

Employee Share Acquisition Plan

The ESAP is an employee stock option plan with a savings feature. Employees save over a 12-month period, by way of monthly salary deductions. The maximum monthly savings amount is the lower of 10 percent of gross monthly salary or the local currency equivalent of CHF 750. At the end of the savings period, employees choose whether to exercise their stock options to buy ABB shares (ADS in the case of employees in the US) at the exercise price set at the grant date, or have their savings returned with interest. The savings are accumulated in a bank account held by a third-party trustee on behalf of the participants and earn interest.

The maximum number of shares that each employee can purchase has been determined based on the exercise price and the aggregate savings for the 12-month period, increased by 10 percent to allow for currency fluctuations. If, at the exercise date, the balance of savings plus interest exceeds the maximum amount of cash employees must pay to fully exercise their stock options, the excess funds will be returned to the employees. If the balance of savings and interest is insufficient to permit employees to fully exercise their stock options, the employees have the choice, but not the obligation, to make an additional payment so that they may fully exercise their stock options.

If employees cease to be employed by ABB, the accumulated savings as of the date of cessation of employment will be returned to the employees and their right to exercise their stock options will be forfeited. Employees can withdraw from the ESAP at any time during the savings period and will be entitled to a refund of their accumulated savings.

The exercise price per share and ADS of CHF 15.98 and USD 18.10, respectively, for the 2011 grant, was determined using the closing price of the ABB share on the SIX Swiss Exchange and ADS on the New York Stock Exchange on the grant date.

Management Incentive Plan

ABB maintains a MIP under which it offers stock options and cash-settled warrant appreciation rights (WARs) (and through the launch in 2009 also offered stock warrants) to key employees for no consideration.

The warrants and options granted under the MIP allow participants to purchase shares of ABB at predetermined prices. Participants may sell the warrants and options rather than exercise the right to purchase shares. Equivalent warrants are listed by a third-party bank on the SIX Swiss Exchange, which facilitates pricing and transferability of warrants granted under the MIP. The options entitle the holder to request that a third-party bank purchase such options at the market price of equivalent warrants listed by the third-party bank in connection with that MIP launch. If the participant elects to sell the warrants or options, the instruments will then be held by a third party and, consequently, ABB’s obligation to deliver shares will be to this third party. Each WAR gives the participant the right to receive, in cash, the market price of the equivalent listed warrant on the date of exercise of the WAR. The WARs are non-transferable.

Participants may exercise or sell warrants and options and exercise WARs after the vesting period, which is three years from the date of grant. Vesting restrictions can be waived in certain circumstances, such as death or disability. All warrants, options and WARs expire six years from the date of grant.

Long-Term Incentive Plan

ABB has an LTIP for members of its Group Executive Committee and certain other executives. In 2011, the LTIP involved cash-settled conditional grants of ABB’s stock and contained a retention component. The plan is described in the long-term variable compensation section of the Remuneration report contained in this Annual Report.

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